It is possible to launch hamlib automatically at the Windows boot, just follow the following instructions.

Step 1

Create a simple text file with notebook and write the following text :

@echo off
start /min “” C:”Program Files”\hamlib-w64-4.5.5\bin\rigctld -m XXXX -r COM3

Where XXXX is the number that identifies your radio receiver.

Save the file with a meaningful  name like “start_hamlib.bat”  : it’s mandatory the suffix .bat

Step 2

Pressing the Windows key and R key to show up the “Run” window and type shell:startup.

It will open the Startup folder where you move the precedently saved file “start_hamlib.bat”.

Since now every time Windows will boot also rigctld will be running.

Rigctld is a demon that can make a bridge between the local network and the serial port connected to your receiver.

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