Follow the link :

Then open the Current stable release ( at the moment is the 4.5.5 ) where you can download the installer files for your operative system.

Windows :



Linux :


MacOS :

The easiest way is to use homebrew and use the command : brew install homelib

Test the set up locally

Here we describe a very common case and we suppose your system is a Windows pc, the receiver is connected to the pc via serial cable / usb at COM3 and your receiver is turned on and tuned on the frequency of 8.939 khz.

Step 1

You install the ham library following the instructions of the hamlib web site using the installer :


Step 2

Connect physically your radio receiver to the computer ( via serial port / usb / lan ) and individuate the name of the serial port ( COM3 … COMx)

Step 3

Now you have to check if your receiver is included in the list of supported radios.

Follow this link to consult the list:

Once you have found your receiver take note of the number associated with it.

This number will be needed for the next steps.

Step 4

Locate the where are the ham lib executables.

In a Windows 10 pc you’ll find them  here :  C:\Program Files\hamlib-w64-4.5.5\bin

Open the command prompt :

– Select the Start Menu in the taskbar or press the Windows key

– Type cmd

– Select Command prompt

In the black window type the command to change the working directory:

cd  C:\”Program Files”\hamlib-w64-4.5.5\bin

and press enter

Then type :

rigctl -m  XXXX -r COM3

Where XXXX is the number you have found in step 3 and COM3 is the serial port of your pc where your receiver

Will be prompted 

Rig command :

Type the command f and press enter

If everything is working fine you will see the frequency currently tuned on you receiver.

Something like this :

Rig command : f

Frequency: 8939000

At this point, we know that everything is set correctly and it is working, at least locally.

Step 5

Press Ctrl-c to exit from the rigctl command

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