After to have verified that hamlib is working fine locally and you are confident that everything works, you have to test if it will works also in the local network (LAN).

Step 1

In the command prompt window and still in the working directory 

C:\Program Files\hamlib-w64-4.5.5\bin

Type the command 

rigctld -m  XXXX -r COM3 -vvvvv

Where XXXX is the number you have found in step 3 and COM3 is the serial port of your pc where is connected your receiver

The parameter -vvvvv sets the rigctld in verbose mode so you can have visible feedback of your commands

Step 2

Start SWList and navigate on the settings panel and locate the hamlib section.

Push the button “Set” and it will display the sheet with the hamlib settings

You must enter the ip address of the pc hosting the radio receiver and the communication port ( the default is the 4532 ).

To verify the settings and the local network just press the button Test.

In the rectangle below the button should appear the frequency currently tuned in the radio receiver.

In alternative you could use the command telnet  to communicate with the rigctld demon via local network.

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