A new version of SWList, version 1.4, will be available very soon. The new version is currently being tested and at the same time documentation is being developed to help customers use the new features.
Without a doubt, the most interesting news is the adoption of the hamlib protocol in SWList 1.4.
Hamlib is an open-source software library that provides a standardized interface for controlling amateur radio equipment. It allows developers to write applications that can communicate with and control a wide range of radio transceivers and receivers, supporting various models and manufacturers. Hamlib facilitates the development of radio control software, enabling seamless integration with different radio hardware through a common API (Application Programming Interface).
This will allow SWList users to connect the app to their receivers via the local network.

How will SWList 1.4 take advantage of this feature?

SWList 1.4 will be able to get the frequency currently tuned to the receiver in two different ways:

  • on request: touching a button will start a search in the EiBi database and the results will be displayed
  • automatic: the SWList 1.4 will take the frequency from the receiver every 2 seconds and if the frequency is changed compared to the SWList obtained previously it will carry out a search and display the result;
    This way the user can stay focused on the radio without worrying about manually entering the frequency in the SWList.

Furthermore, the user can tune his receiver to the same frequency only by tapping a frequency in the results list.

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