I started my career as a software developer in 1983, when I wrote custom Apple// software applications for the customers of a local computer shop.


In the following years I developed software as free-lance for the Apple platform (Lisa, Macintosh, Newton) using the major development tools available like Microsoft Basic, TML Pascal, MPW Pascal, MPW C++, MacApp,  NewtonScript.

apple macintosh lisa
 I created custom software applications for companies,  professional and commercial products as well.


001_mini002mini  003mini    004mini  005mini

I wrote the first releases of Mac Edil  for Italsoft, an Italian company, specialized in software for builder account.


apple newton        newton_pockethousemap
 I had the honor and the privilege to develop for Cigraph a graphic application for architects for the Newton called PocketHouseMap. It has been a great experience for me to work together a skilled development team and a great project leader. After the dismission of Newton PocketHousemap is still available here.

Just few months before the acquisition of NeXT by Apple I started to study Objective C and investigate the OpenStep platform.


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