SWList provides access to the EiBi list, assisting you in discovering and identifying shortwave radio stations.

This list, curated by Eike Bierwirth, is a valuable resource in the SWL community. 

SWList offers four convenient methods to explore radio stations:

1. Inputting the listening frequency displays stations near the specified frequency.

2. Viewing all stations within a particular radio band.

3. Searching by the radio station’s name, country, or broadcast language.

4. Retrieve the frequency either manually or automatically from your radio receiver connected via hamlib.

Additionally, you can refine your results to show only current broadcasting stations. 

Each station’s details, including broadcast location, target area, and spoken language, are accessible. 

If the transmitting site’s position is available, you can visualize it on a geographical map and measure the distance from your location. 

SWList also features both light and dark modes.


During the year the EiBi list is updated by its creator.
I have created an online database with the latest available EiBi list (allow a few days delay).
The SWList app can update its local database by synchronizing with the online database: go to the Settings section of the SWList app to update.

Here you can find all the instructions to set the connection with your radio receiver and SWList with hamlib.

Read the SWList PDF here

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